Upcoming Healing For Your Animals!

The ONLY Time Offered This Year

Rudy Hunter is doing a LIVE 3 DAY Healing Event for your animals. 


Lifelong animal-lover, master EnergyWork teacher & healer Rudy Hunter wants to personally help ALL YOUR ANIMALS with their issues over the course of 3 powerful days. A live energy-sending event done remotely around the globe.

Camille receiving EnergyWork from Rudy Hunter


LIVE OVER THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS @ Noon Eastern each day Rudy Hunter beaming deeply healing EnergyWork from New York to your animals!

Tuesday, September 26th @ Noon Eastern

Wednesday, September 27th @ Noon Eastern

Thursday, September 28th @ Noon Eastern

Each day Rudy will be personally sending powerful, specific, EnergyWork for 20 - 30 minutes which is PLENTY to help ALL your animal chums heal, blossom & thrive.


Your Animals Are Important! 

Rudy wants to help them personally build their physical, mental, emotional strength, immunity, balance, healing response and more. Here are some powerful insights into what Rudy will be doing energetically for your animal chums:

  • Connecting To Them Through Your Enegy Field: You are the "homing beacon" and connection for ALL the animals you contact; your pets and the wild ones that connect/meander through & around your property. Rudy uses YOUR Energetic Signal as the way to splay the energetics to ALL your animals. Don't worry--you won't get tired! Quite the opposite--you'll get some beneficial energetic overflow boosting. Yay!
  • My Animals Are Suffering From XYZ/Have Been Diagnosed With ABC: Your veterinarian is the perfect person for helping you on this level. What Rudy offers has NOTHING to do with vet care. He offers bioenergetic healing support which enhances all the good things you're already doing for your animals. It's never a substitute for competent care. It is a perfect "do no harm" addition to it.
  • Rudy Needs To Know The Names & Diagnosis & See Photos Of My Animals: No. No. No. PLEASE BE SURE YOU READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE YOU REGISTER: Rudy needs none of this...and he asks you specifically to NOT send him the conditions, diagnosis or any other information about your animals. Especially he asks you NOT to send him photos of sick, injured or suffering animals. PLEASE RE-READ THAT LAST SENTENCE AGAIN! Rudy will tune in to you, your physical location and ALL the animals there [and all that visit/cross or meander nearby!] and he will do his world-renown energetic work in this way. He will be re-balancing and strengthening all the weak and troublesome issues he finds connected with your animals. He does not need and does not require any other information--if you send him details it will divert & distract his energetic attention from what he finds...so please don't do it. HONESTLY, THIS IS THE VERY BEST APPROACH AND ANY OTHER WAY WILL SLOW DOWN/DIVERT ENERGETIC FOCUS. Rudy knows it's human nature to think that you need to send a "history" or a "descrption" to him...but it only makes things worse! Really. So please, know that he will get the MOST focus for all your animals in the way he has described. Our sole focus in on building up your animals from where they are now to higher levels of functioning. Looking back into their past history only slows things down. Promise. [You will get a chance to submit your animals names when you register...but PLEASE AVOID THE TEMPTATION to fill in medical/historical details. Thanks.]
  • Why Can't I Book A One-On-One Session With Rudy For Rover?: Rudy currently has a challenge with his private one-on-one sessions called Golden Clearings. They are in HUGE demand and the waiting list is 8 months long. Boo. The cost is $185.00 for a 50 minute session. Double Boo. Your animals will receive deeper & better help in this 3-day format as each day Rudy will re-assess and re-send to them. It's a better way to serve your animals. Honestly. It's also a great deal without the very long wait. We want your animals improving NOW!
  • Is There A Call To Access Or A Product/Recording To Download Or A Replay?: No. Nothing to do other than register. Rudy will do ALL the rest of what is required over the 3-day event. This is LIVE ENERGYWORK DONE IN REAL TIME FOR YOUR ANIMALS so it isn't recorded. It's fluid and changes/alters each day as their system takes up the new energetic information & corrections. Simple. Easy. Nothing else is required.
  • What If I Have Two Or Three Locations/Barns/Fields?: You'll simply need to register for multiple "seats" [one seat per location] for this event. Rememer that ALL the animals at a specific location will be sent to so it makes this a wonderfully cost-effective way to get many animals helped. If you have 2 or 7 or 10 different locations, you'll need to register once for each location. Considering how many animals that will help, you can see the great benefit.

If your animals need some help, then this LIVE HEALING 3 DAY EVENT can only help!


Registration is open right now. This LIVE EVENT won't be repeated this year. 

Join us now and help ALL your animals blossom, thrive & heal. 

Registration closes completely in...


Important: Rudy Hunter has a worldwide reputation of being able to help people & animals in ways that can defy common sense. BUT DON'T TAKE HIS WORD FOR IT! He urgest you to go poke around both his websites and read the testimonies of others--especially the animal testimonies--because they speak volumes about what is possible for our furry, fuzzy, feathered & frolicking buddies in the animal kingdom. 

His sites are: www.rudyhunter.com & www.HuntersHealingCalls.com and if you're drawn to wanting to do powerful healing work for yourself, others and animals yourself, please take a peek at the method he trains others in to do just that at: www.AshWorkersTrainingHub.com